Welcome to Honest Mobile – the mobile network of the future.

Have you ever been frustrated by your mobile contract? Found it difficult to switch network, change your plan, or experienced a problem with your bill? Mobile Networks in the UK receive an average net promoter score of 13 which puts them just above the big banks as a comparison for how much the general public likes them.

We thought it was about time to do something different and to bring you something better. Welcome to Honest Mobile.

Honest Mobile is focussed on giving you what you want from your network – better signal, better customer service and true flexibility – not just selling you more data and hoping you’ll never leave.

What’s special about Honest?

We’ll be telling you more about Honest and what we’re doing over the coming weeks and months, but for now, we promise you this:

For you

  • We’re focussed on solving your problems, rather than selling network services, designing a network that makes your life simpler.
  • We’re here for you 24/7 if you need some help.
  • We won’t beat around the bush – some people want to cut down the amount they use their phone and we’ll help you do this.
  • We’re building a mobile first mobile network, makes sense, doesn’t it? This means complete control for you and your family’s accounts directly from the app – no more hours spent on the phone to “customer service”.
  • We’ll work with the best partners across the UK and World to bring you a brand new network, built from the ground up on the latest technology meaning we can adapt to what you want quickly. We’ll be opening up a way to submit ideas for development before launch.

For the planet

  • We believe business should be a force for good, not just profit, and will take legal steps to force us to consider the environment, customers and all our other stakeholders in our decisions.
  • Honest Mobile will be the first UK network to become a B-Corp. More to come on this amazing news soon.
  • We are a member of 1% for the Planet and donate 1% of our global revenue to charities focussed on protecting our planet for the next generation.