pay less, get more and do your bit for the planet – how savvy customers are saving money with SIM only contracts and saving the planet at the same time

Feb 3, 2020

At Honest Mobile we love receiving comments and questions from you. So let’s tackle one of the biggest questions head-on: “How much is a SIM only contract with Honest Mobile going to cost me?”

Yes, we know what you’re about to say, some other network providers can offer you a slightly cheaper deal. But, instead of prioritising super low costs, we put huge efforts into giving you better customer service, building a network that works for you, and on giving back to our planet. Honest Mobile already offsets carbon emissions for all your phone usage – data, calls and texts – and we’re working to become the first fully carbon-neutral mobile network in the UK – more information coming soon.

If that’s not worth the cost of a coffee each month, then we don’t know what is!

You may be surprised to find out how the cost of Honest Mobile compares to other mobile networks. As you can see from the numbers below, by separating your phone and choosing a SIM only contract Honest Mobile can be cheaper than contracts with major networks such as EE and O2 with savings of more than £200 easy to find.

Samsung S10 Price Comparison

ProviderContractGB dataCost (over 24 months)
O224 month contract100GB£1,431.20
EE24 month contract60GB*£1,546.00
Honest Mobile – Samsung Leased PhoneRolling 30 day contract100GB£1,095.95
Honest Mobile – Refurbished PhoneRolling 30 day contract100GB£1,019.26
Honest Mobile – New Phone UpfrontRolling 30 day contract100GB£1,313.27

*EE do not currently offer this phone with 100GB data

iPhone 11 Pro Price Comparison

ProviderContractGB dataCost (over 24 months)
O224 month contract100GB£1,869.84
EE24 month contract100GB£1,946.00
Honest – Apple Lease (new handset every 12m)Rolling 30 day contract100GB£1,646.03
Honest – Refurbished PhoneRolling 30 day contract100GB£1,489.26
Honest – New Phone UpfrontRolling 30 day contract100GB£1,663.27

iPhone Xr Price Comparison

(All prices are accurate at the time of writing).

The Honest Mobile prices above include our Early Bird Member offer and Loyalty Discount. Great buzz words but what do these actually mean to you? Well, our Loyalty Discount means that your bill falls every month (equating to a fall of 5% during the year) and as a special thank you to our Early Birds, your discount starts at 10% and grows from there!

It’s all part of the Honest Mobile commitment to putting its customers first and rewarding them for being part of our network.

So what about getting the latest handset?

At Honest Mobile, we encourage you to buy or lease a phone separately and opt for a SIM only contract. It’s a step away from the all-in-one contracts you might be used to where you pay a monthly fee for your phone, minutes and data from your network provider, but more and more people are realising that unbundling is actually more cost-effective. You wouldn’t buy your car and fuel in the same place so why do your handset and network need to come from the same provider?

If you are in the market for a new phone, don’t forget to consider purchasing a second hand or refurbished model. It’s a great way to save the planet and save money at the same time!

how can i join honest mobile?

If you like the sound of Honest Mobile, what we stand for and how we work, then click the link below to join and we’ll get a SIM card in the post to you today if you order before 5pm. If you’ve got any questions, use the instant chat button in the bottom corner to get in touch with us and we’ll answer as quickly as we can.