join honest mobile in three easy steps

Feb 4, 2020

We understand that changing your mobile contract is generally considered to be a pretty painful task, so we’ve made our joining process as simple as possible so you can easily set up your account, transfer your number and terminate your existing contract (if you want to). Here are the basic steps and a few helpful hints to help you along the way.

If you have any questions when you’re setting up your SIM, please just drop us a message using instant chat đź‘Ť

Step 1: Buy your SIM

  • Click here to buy a SIM
  • Pay for your SIM card
  • Wait for your SIM to arrive. SIMs are sent out first class so normally arrive the next day.

Step 2: Activate your SIM

Once your SIM has arrived you can activate your SIM and set up your account using the App.

  • Download the Honest Mobile App

Hint: to login, use the same email address you used at the checkout.

  • Set your password for your account

  • Activate your SIM card using the last 4 digits on your SIM

  • Set up your Direct Debit

Hint: use the same email address you used at the checkout.

  • Get your new number or transfer your existing mobile number

To transfer your number to Honest Mobile, you’ll need a PAC code from your existing mobile network. You can get your PAC code using our app or you can also text PAC to 65075 (it’s free).

Enter your PAC code in the App. This will allow you to transfer your existing number to Honest Mobile and will also automatically cancel your existing mobile contract.

Set your port date (the date that your existing mobile number switches from your existing SIM card to your new Honest Mobile SIM card). On the date that your number ports, your existing SIM will stop working. When this happens, insert your new Honest SIM and wait for it to activate.

Hint: It can occasionally take a couple of hours to transfer so please bear this in mind when choosing your transfer date.

To get a new mobile number please click “Get a new mobile number” and you will be allocated a new mobile number.

  • Confirm your plan

Hint: If you’ve changed your mind since checkout, you can choose a different data allowance at this point.

  • Choose whether to Activate Smart Signal

Smart Signal gives you access to more masts across the UK. Find out more here

  • Choose whether to activate any of our travel packages

Smart travel activates when you use your phone abroad to help you manage your spend. Find out more here

  • Check your settings before you activate.

Hint: you can easily change your plan and manage bolt-ons (smart signal and smart travel) later using the app.

Step 3: Insert your SIM.

If you’re getting a new number…

You’re SIM is now active and you can start using it straight away.

If you’re transferring your existing mobile number…

Wait for your existing SIM to stop working (on the transfer date that you’ve already set) and then insert your new Honest Mobile SIM.

Hint: Your Honest Mobile SIM will work already, but it won’t have your number yet.