5 things you wouldn’t expect from a mobile network

Mar 17, 2020 | ethical business, smart tech, tech for good

1. We provide access to more masts providing better coverage.

Wouldn’t it be great if every time you lost signal, you automatically switched over to another network? Well, that’s exactly what you can do with our Smart Signal bolt-on. Honest Mobile uses Three’s masts, and if you lose signal we’ll automatically switch you over to EE or O2.



2. Your bill gets cheaper each month.

Yes, you read that right! With some mobile networks, your bill can actually increase mid-contract. We don’t think that’s right and we also think you should be rewarded for your loyalty, so we’ve introduced a Loyalty Discount that increases each month you remain a member. If you join today as an Early Bird Member, you start with a Loyalty Discount of 10% which increases each month to a maximum of 30%.



3. We actually tell you if you could save money by moving to a cheaper plan.

Yep, we automatically work out whether you could downgrade your data plan to save money and send you a notification to let you know.


4. We’re legally bound to consider our planet in all our decision making.

We’re proud to be the only mobile network in the UK that’s registered as a B Corporation. The B Corporation certification represents the highest standard of verified social and environmental performance and we’ve even changed our company’s articles of association so that we’re legally obliged to consider the environment in all our decision making. We’re also a member of 1 Percent for the Planet and donate 1% of our revenue to environmental causes. 


5. We plant trees for all our customers.

Probably not what you’d expect to hear from a Mobile Network but we think that reforesting our planet is critical in addressing global warming. So we decided that we’d plant trees for all our customers. You can track how many trees you’ve planted in our app, view how much carbon you’ve offset and learn about your current carbon footprint.