why we’re making changes to our data plans

Mar 25, 2020

The average UK consumer uses just 2.9GB of data per month

The average UK consumer uses 2.9GB¹ of data but buys far more than this. We’ve taken a look at the smallest 30-day plan available from each of the big networks:

  • Three – 4GB – £16 /month
  • EE – 3GB – £24 /month
  • O2 – 3GB – £19 /month
  • Vodafone – 5GB – £20 /month

In fact, just looking on the EE website you’ll see they describe “just the essentials” as up to 100GB of data. Crazy.

What do you notice about the deals above? They look pretty bad value. From the same network provider, you can make yourself feel better by paying even more and getting more data that you don’t need. 

We all love to think we need unlimited data, but really, we don’t. You’d save a huge amount of money by being on the right plan which is why every month we let you know if we think you’re on the right plan or not.


As a result, our customers are on the right plans and our utilisation looks like this:

  • 4GB plan – 50% of our customers are on this plan – Their average usage is 1.7GB 
  • 10GB – 29% of our customers are on this plan – Their average usage is 4.1GB
  • 100GB – 21% of our customers are on this plan – Their average usage is 18.5GB

We’d like to introduce a plan that’s smaller than 4GB, but currently, the lowest wholesale data price we can get is 4GB. We could introduce a 1GB plan, but it would actually be more expensive than the 4GB plan. Welcome to the illogical world of mobile wholesale.

98.6% of our customers use less than 40GB of data a month, so we’re introducing a new plan that’s better for our customers. 

Our average users are on exactly the right plan. In fact, 98.6% of our customer bills have never been for over 40GB and for that reason, we’re introducing a new 40Gb package going forwards.

Our new 40GB plan

We’re introducing a new 40GB package for £25 a month. This will be available from the 1st April. 

Our 100GB plan will no longer be available to new customers from April

Due to the costs being incurred by our network partners on the 100GB plan, they have decided to discountinue this plan for the time being. Due to this, our 100GB plan will no longer be available to new customers after the 31st March 2020. 

If you would like to join Honest Mobile on the 100GB plan before it becomes unavailable, then please make sure you purchase and activate your SIM before 9pm on 31st March. Please allow time for your SIM to arrive before the 31st March.

Current customers are unaffected

As a current customer you are unnaffected and you don’t have to do anything. If you’re on the 100GB plan, you can stay on it.  However, from April onwards, if you downgrade from the 100GB plan to another plan, you will no longer be able to return to the 100GB plan. 

You’re also welcome to downgrade to the 40GB plan, and we’ll remind you of this as usual at the end of the month if that would be a better plan for you.



  1.  OFCOM Communications Market Report 2019 – https://www.ofcom.org.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0020/117065/communications-market-report-2019.pdf