6 customer suggestions we’ve already implemented

Mar 31, 2020 | business

We’re a small business, but with big plans and those plans have always revolved around you. 

One of the things that’s great about being a smaller business is that we’re able to read and listen to all of your suggestions and make the changes and improvements for you really quickly.

After all, our customers know best when it comes to what they want from their mobile network and we genuinely LOVE receiving your ideas and suggestions. 

Here are 6 examples of customer suggestions we received from our members that we’ve already implemented:

1. helpful usage notifications

This is one of our favourite features of Honest Mobile, that keeps you updated on how much data you’re using throughout the month (not just at the end) as well as any other usage. It’s really popular with our customers because it helps them to know if they are using the right plan, and in some cases has helped them save money by switching to a cheaper plan.

2. our discount codes are customisable

One request from one of our members was to remove their email addresses from their discount code so that they could post and share them anonymously on forums and groups. We thought this was a great idea and has already been implemented!  We’ve got some more details on our referral program coming to you shortly too so keep your eyes peeled. 

3. making 101 calling free

We loved this suggestion from some of our members and it seemed like a no brainer to implement. We are also extremely proud to be the first UK mobile network to offer this service for free. You can find out more about this update here

4. becoming carbon neutral 

This was a really popular request from our customers and we know that they care just as much about doing their bit for the planet as we do. So, we decided to offset all CO2 for all your usage (calls, data and texts) and we’re working on becoming fully carbon neutral business. We’ve also recently introduced Honest Forests, where we automatically plant trees for each customer, helping them to further offset their carbon footprint. 

5. data control toggle

Data is amazing, we love data, but sometimes using it too much can mean we are on our phones for too long, and we can run out of our monthly quota quickly. So we had a few of our customers suggest a data control toggle, especially parents who wanted the ability to easily turn off their children’s data. This feature is already up and running now on our app.

6. app bug fixes

We’re constantly changing and improving our app to try and make your life easier. Occasionally we get a message from a customer about a bug in the app and previously we’ve had them fixed within minutes, so if you spot anything that doesn’t work or doesn’t make sense, please drop us a message using the app, and we’ll look into it straight away! 

do you have any great ideas? 

If you have any more ideas on how we could improve your mobile network, please let us know here.