The European Regional Development Fund is giving the UK one last hoorah before Brexit takes place by offering up to £5,000 to SMEs across the UK to get them back on track after COVID-19. The money is being specifically aimed at getting businesses ready for a more socially distanced world with a focus on technology and advice.

What does this mean?

If you’re an SME, you might be eligible for a grant (not a loan!) of up to £5,000 to help you improve your business, undertake training, get advice or buy technology to help you mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

We’re all for helping out, so have put together some top tips on how to apply at the bottom of this blog.

How do I get funding?

The funding is being distributed through Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP) which are all listed below:

To apply, get in touch with your LEP and the specific details of their processes will be made clear. Each LEP has been allocated at least £250k to distribute, with some receiving as much as £1.8m.

Getting your employees working effectively after COVID-19 is the focus of the grant and helping you and your teamwork effectively when apart is exactly what we do at Honest Mobile.

We’d love to support your business with applying for this grant to get your team mobile devices and connections that will make remote work possible for your team, and not rely on everyone using their personal device and SIM card for business purposes which isn’t always fair on the team.

For each member of staff we can provide:

  • A SIM Card
    • 4GB data SIM for 12 months for £135 +VAT
    • Unlimited Data SIM for 12 months £270 +VAT
  • A Phone if required
    • iPhone SE – £349 +VAT
    • Samsung A40 – £175 + VAT

We can provide other handsets and tablets too, but these are consistently the most popular with our SME customers. Don’t forget, we’ll be offsetting all your CO2 from your usage, so taking a SIM from Honest Mobile won’t have an impact on your carbon emissions.

We give you control over the team’s SIMs by monitoring usage and switching plans as required.

Top Tips for Applying

  1. Remember to be specific about what you’re applying for
    ABC ltd is applying for a grant of £4,952 which will allow us to issue smart phones and SIM cards to our team of 8 for the first time.
  2. Let the LEP know why this is good for your business
    Our team has not historically worked remotely, so this investment in our team will allow us to move to a more remote workforce and continue employing our existing team without the need for redundancies.
  3. Explain why COVID-19 means your team is in need
    Due to COVID-19 we are choosing to continue working remotely for the indefinite future and need a way for our staff to stay in touch from home and on the road.
  4. Remind them that this investment will be a sustainable one
    Our chosen provider – Honest Mobile – is a carbon neutral business and B Corp. They uphold the highest standards of sustainability which is something we are placing increasing value on when we look at new suppliers.
  5. Tell them how you’ll fund the ongoing costs in the future
    With the grant funding covering 12 months of line rental and upfront handset costs, we will be able to pay for the ongoing SIM cards after 12 months by restructuring our operations and reducing the amount of office space we are renting.

We’d love to help your business navigate this new world, so if we can help please don’t hesitate to get in touch – email us on or use the instant chat panel in the bottom corner 👍

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