With consumers becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint and the impact it has on the environment, the demand for sustainable services is higher than it has ever been before. 76% of the UK public think that businesses have a responsibility to protect the environment.

The mobile industry has been slow on the uptake and – considering the volume of users and the explosive growth rate – it’s about time that the industry changed for the better. Honest Mobile is leading that change, becoming the UK’s first carbon neutral mobile network.

From day one, the mission was to build a network that’s better for customers and for the planet. They can now support this ethos with their Carbon Neutral Company status. 

To reach this goal, Honest Mobile has offset emissions defined by The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHS) including Scope 3 emissions which includes the manufacture and daily charging of handsets as well as customers’ daily network usage. 

In collaboration with NPO On A Mission, Honest Mobile have been tackling each of the GHG Protocol’s scopes and offset emissions through sustainable reforestation. They have always offered carbon-neutral calls, messages and data and now that they have achieved their Carbon Neutral Company status their next challenge is to achieve zero-carbon status.

As members of the 1% For The Planet movement, 1% of all revenue is donated towards reforestation projects and the planting of trees. All Honest Mobile customers can keep track of the trees planted on their behalf via the dedicated app, which reduces their carbon footprint even further.

With an estimated global mobile user base of 5.9 billion by 2025, it is estimated that the Information and Communications Industry will use 20% of the world’s electricity. It’s paramount for changes to be made if the industry is to reach net-zero by 2050 in line with the Paris Agreement.

In contrast to other mobile networks, Honest Mobile has already reached its first target of being carbon neutral. The closest network in the UK is O2 with their goal set for 2025 and Vodafone following on 25 years later in 2050. While EE and Three have set out to reduce their energy usage and carbon footprints, no clear target has been set to reach net-zero.

About Honest Mobile: Honest Mobile is the UK’s first Carbon Neutral Mobile Network. It is the best rated pay monthly network on TrustPilot with an industry leading NPS. They offer access to 3x more masts than other UK networks with their innovative Smart Signal bolt on which enables National Roaming and allows users to access Three, EE and O2’s network from a single SIM.

Honest Mobile was founded in 2019 to turn the mobile industry on its head and change mobile for good. With Honest Mobile your bill gets cheaper every month, your phone is carbon neutral and customer support is a joy. As a pending B Corp, Honest Mobile is legally committed to considering people (both customers and employees) and the planet alongside profit in their decision making.

Anyone can join Honest Mobile today by downloading the Honest Mobile app and signing up in under a minute. Your SIM will arrive the next day and you can normally transfer your number to Honest Mobile in under 24 hours.

For more information contact: Andy Aitken – Co-Founder Honest Mobile – andy@honestmobile.co.uk

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