just launched – view only mode

Sep 11, 2020

We’re always looking for new ways to improve the Honest Mobile app. A couple of weeks ago one of our members asked if they could grant access to a child to monitor their data use…”Not yet” we said, and three weeks later we’re pleased to say it’s live.

what is view only mode?

View Only mode lets a friend, family member, employee (or anyone else you’d like), log into the Honest Mobile app and view data usage and notifications about a single SIM from your account.

If you pay for or manage someone else’s SIM then this is for you! 

Once you’ve set up a View Only account in the app, they’ll be able to log in to the Honest Mobile app and view the data usage and notifications for just a single SIM. 

They can’t make any changes to their plan, or to your account, so you stay in control.  

how do i give someone access to view their SIM?

Here’s how to give someone access:

  1. Log into the app and go to “My SIMs”
  2. Click the “Multiple Users” button at the bottom
  3. Choose the SIM you’d like to give access to and add their name and email address

That’s it. We’ll let them know you’ve added an account for them and how they can login.

This is only available to people with more than one SIM on their account and we’re rolling it out over a few weeks so even if you do have more than one SIM, you might not see it yet. Keep your eyes peeled. If you think there’s something to improve, let us know and we’ll take a look right away. 

We’re always looking for the next thing to improve so if you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them.

So if you have an idea, big or small, please let us know here!