decreasing your monthly phone bill is easier than you think

Sep 23, 2020

If you’re with one of the big four networks in the UK (EE, O2, Three or Vodafone) like 85% of the population is, then decreasing your monthly phone bill is easier than you think.

Here’s what you need to do.

check how much data you actually use

Have a look at your most recent bill (we know, it’s a pain to find, if only they arrived as a simple PDF in your email every month and were also available in a simple app). Have a look at how much data you used in the month. Chances are you used less than 3GB of data but are paying for much, much more.

check which networks have good coverage in your area

Use this handy OFCOM signal checker for an independent view of signal strength in your area. You might discover you can use other networks to the one you’re currently with. The checker will show the strength of the four major networks, but all the smaller networks piggy back on one of these. We use Three, and with our Smart Signal bolt on you can also use EE or O2.

think about holding onto your phone for longer

Remember in days gone by when you really needed to get a new phone every 12-18m as the technology was moving on so fast and a phone that was 12m old often simply didn’t work well enough any more? Well those days have gone and plenty of people are still using phones from 3-4 years ago without a problem. If you hold onto your phone when you end your fixed term contract you can also switch to much cheaper, more flexible, plans.

consider the environmental credentials of technology

Technology is fast becoming one of the largest causes of climate change in the world, so the little computer that hides in your pocket (your smartphone!) isn’t as harmless as you might think! Companies like Fairphone now make phones which aren’t just easily repaired but also have ethically sourced components and high welfare supply chains. We’re proud to be the UK’s first carbon neutral mobile network and also a pending B Corp which certifies us to the highest standards of corporate transparency and sustainability, prioritising people and planet alongside profit.

what to choose

So, you know how much data you use, you’re looking for a SIM only plan that doesn’t tie you in and you know which networks have good coverage in your area. What now? Well, simple, choose a new plan from Honest Mobile and we promise we’ll let you know if you can save extra money each month with us, and your bill will get cheaper each month thanks to our loyalty discount. We’re 25% cheaper than the big networks for a comparable plan.

Each month we’ll look at your usage and make a recommendation for the following month. If you want to change plan it’s a simple click in the app and it takes effect the next day. With our Smart Signal bolt-on you get access to 3x as many masts by using Three, EE and O2 and you’ll rest easy knowing you’re with the UK’s only carbon-neutral mobile phone network.

We offer three plans which work for over 99% of UK customers. All our plans come with unlimited UK calls and texts and a data allowance of:

We have the highest rating on TrustPilot for any UK network – if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch using the chat button at the bottom of the website or in the app.