10 easy ways to be more sustainable this christmas

Dec 18, 2020

We’re in store for a very different Christmas this year in the UK, and the reduction in travel we’re likely to see will probably mean that your Christmas is already more sustainable than it might have been in previous years. 

Saying that, there’s still lots of ways you can make the festive period a bit more sustainable, check out our 10 tips below for some inspiration:

1. think before you buy 

 Last year people in the UK received 70 million unwanted Christmas gifts so to reduce waste this year, try not to buy presents that won’t get used or will likely be thrown away. Instead, invest in quality and buy things that will be useful for your friends and family for years to come.

2. choose your tree carefully

Get a real Christmas tree, ideally a living one in a plant pot not an artificial one. If you already have an artificial tree, keep using it for as long as you can (10 years gets you to break even on carbon emissions)

3. reduce your plastic 

We all love a Christmas cracker but we also all know the enjoyment of a plastic toy inside lasts approximately 30 seconds. To reduce the amount of plastic you’re throwing away try to choose Christmas crackers without cheap plastic toys. Instead, buy crackers that just have jokes and hats (they’re the best part) 🥳

4. prepare the right amount of food 

A recent survey by Warburtons found that the great British public will throw away 130m sprouts and 91m slices of turkey this Christmas, and seven out of 10 people admit to cooking too much food on the big day. We know Christmas is a time for overindulging but try to plan ahead with the amount of food you prepare to limit your food waste

…and as much as we hate to say it, try not to overdo it on the Cheese – it has a very high carbon footprint. 

5. turn the christmas lights off at night. 

Christmas lights really bring the magic to the festive period, but leaving them on overnight can use up a lot of electricity and cause a lot of unnecessary carbon emissions. One easy way to solve this is to plug everything into the same adapter so it’s easier to turn them off or use a timer.

6. get creative 

Giving gifts to loved ones is a really special part of the festive period but an easy way to make your Christmas more sustainable is being creative with your gift wrapping. Try using recycled materials in your home like newspaper, brown paper or even recycled wrapping paper. Or if you want to buy wrapping paper, make sure to choose FSC certified wrapping paper so you can recycle it once it’s used. 

7. support local independent shops

We all know it’s been a tough year for businesses so supporting your local shops is a great way to do your bit for your community as well as making more sustainable choices. Whether it be your local butchers, farmers market or even for some last minute gifts, purchases from small independent shops can have a hugely positive impact. 

8. wrap up warm rather than blasting the heating 

We know the weather is getting colder and you’re likely to be spending more time at home than usual, but reducing the amount of time you have your heating on is a great way to cut down your emissions. Try resisting the temptation to crank up the heating and opt for an extra layer or some fluffy socks. 

9. dressing for the party season 

Christmas looks different for every family, some people love to dress up for the occasion, whilst some opt for Christmas PJs all day. Whatever your preference, choose the sustainable option and try to wear clothing you already have rather than always seeking a new outfit or a one time use Christmas Jumper. 

10. join a carbon neutral mobile network

As always, switching to sustainable and ethical companies is a really easy way to have a positive impact. With Honest Mobile as your network provider, we do the hard work for you and help you stay in touch this socially distanced Christmas. We’re carbon neutral, plant trees for you and are a certified B Corp. Find out more about signing up today.