• The world’s first and only Carbon Negative Mobile Network 
  • Partnered with On a Mission to prove that the tech industry doesn’t need to have the same carbon footprint as the aviation industry
  • The first UK mobile network to be a certified B Corp and the best rated pay monthly network on Trustpilot

London 12 February 2021, 00:01 GMT: Honest Mobile, the UK’s award winning challenger mobile network, is proud to announce that it is the world’s first Carbon Negative mobile network. A commitment to being carbon negative means that Honest Mobile take twice as much carbon out of the atmosphere as they emit. They have partnered with On A Mission, a non-profit that offsets carbon emissions through sustainable reforestation. For every phone call made, email sent or selfie taken Honest Mobile will plant trees that absorb twice the carbon emitted from the air.

The technology industry is responsible for around 3.7% of greenhouse gases released. About the same amount as the airline industry, which is considered one of the worst contributors to the climate crisis. Smartphones are not commonly associated with carbon emissions but an average Honest Mobile customer generates around 70kg of CO2 /year by using their phone which Honest Mobile offset.

Honest Mobile has been Carbon Neutral since it was founded but their sustainability ambitions don’t stop with their carbon commitments. The company is also the UK’s first certified B Corp mobile network which means that it has a legal obligation to consider the planet in all its decision making, and on top of its carbon negative commitments, plants trees for all its customers which can be tracked in the Honest Mobile app. Customers can even pay an extra £1 to plant two extra trees each month.

Honest Mobile hopes that by providing UK consumers with a more sustainable option it will be able to work together with its partners to reduce emissions further across the industry and encourage the shift towards renewable energy.

Josh Mihill, Co-Founder said “We always think there’s room to do more and becoming carbon negative is another way we can show the technology industry that we can do more to prevent climate change. Every text, call or Instagram post with Honest Mobile now removes more CO2 from the atmosphere than it creates. We’re pushing our suppliers and infrastructure providers to move to renewable energy, but in the meantime this move proves that technology doesn’t have to have the same carbon footprint as Global Aviation.”

As a Carbon Negative company Honest Mobile is solving a problem that the tech industry has been slow to respond to. The industry’s commitment to reaching net-zero by 2050, in line with the Paris Agreement is a great first step, but given the urgency of the climate crisis Honest Mobile has set a new standard for doing more, faster.

The last decade saw challenger brands disrupt the energy and banking sectors by prioritising customer care and sustainability over high prices and long inflexible contracts. Honest Mobile is doing the same for mobile. They are the only certified B Corp in the industry, they reward loyalty by reducing your bill each month, send you a notification when you should downgrade to save money, and pride themselves on responding to customers within 60 seconds on average, resulting in an excellent Net Promoter Score of 74 compared to industry averages of about 20.


About Honest Mobile

Honest Mobile is the world’s first Carbon Negative mobile network. It is the best rated pay monthly network on TrustPilot with a Net Promoter Score of over 74.

Honest Mobile was founded in 2019 but two school friends, Andy Aitken and Joshua Mihill, to turn the mobile industry on its head and change mobile for good. With Honest Mobile your bill gets cheaper every month thanks to a Loyalty Discount, your phone is carbon negative and customer support is a joy with help at hand in less than 60 seconds on average. As the UK’s only B Corp mobile network, Honest Mobile is legally committed to consider people (both customers and employees) and the planet alongside profit in their decision making.

Anyone in the UK can join Honest Mobile today by downloading the Honest Mobile app and signing up in under a minute. Your SIM will arrive the next day and you can choose what day you want to transfer your number.

Contact Details

For all media enquiries contact Anna Sanders at anna@honestmobile.co.uk

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