honest’s loyalty discount explained

May 5, 2021

What makes Honest Mobile the best mobile network? (In ours and our members’ humble opinions 😉)

We think our loyalty discount is something to shout about. Unlike other mobile networks that are ripping off their long-term customers…

We’re not naming any names… you know who they are 👀

We like our members and we want them to love being an Honest Mobile member. That’s why your bill gets cheaper every month you’re with us.

how does the loyalty discount work?

We’re really proud of our loyalty discount – it means for every month you’re with us your bill gets cheaper 🤩

Our loyalty discount increases by 5% every year – capped at 30% – so it takes 6 years to reach that 30% cap.

can I keep my discount if I switch plan?

You can keep your loyalty discount when you switch to a bigger or smaller plan – and it will also apply to any new plans we introduce in the future.

does my loyalty discount apply to usage outside my plan?

Your loyalty discount only applies to your core plan and doesn’t apply to any bolt-ons or premium charges (such as international calls or calling premium numbers).

does my loyalty discount apply to new SIMs I add to my account?

Each SIM has its own loyalty discount which increases from the day that you activate your SIM.

do honest’s prices still increase with inflation?

No, our prices just go down. Promise.

why do other mobile networks increase their prices?

We’re not sure to be honest 🤷

Most mobile networks try to lock you into a twelve or twenty-four month plan that costs an arm and a leg to leave – and then they put their prices up! It’s become the norm that between February and April mobile networks introduce in-contract price hikes for current customers around inflation. Then, just when they’re putting your price up, they’ll reward customers who switch…it makes no sense to us!

what else makes honest the best network?

We’re always looking for ways to improve our network for you and we have some new exciting features in the pipeline. Find out more about the other features we’ve built to create the best mobile network for you ⭐

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