what’s a SIM only plan? and why are people switching?

May 12, 2021

You might have noticed lots of people making the switch to SIM only plans lately. But maybe you’ve been wondering what a SIM only plan is and whether you should make the jump too?

If you’re looking for a cheaper plan, or it’s time to upgrade but you’re happy with your phone, it’s worth checking out a SIM only plan.

what is a phone plan?

Your phone handset has a little card in it called a SIM card. It’s this that gives you your phone number and lets your phone actually connect to the mobile phone networks.

Sometimes when you buy a phone for a monthly cost, it comes bundled with a SIM card for a set number of months.

Previously most people did this but now more people are switching to a SIM-only plan.

what is a SIM-only plan?

A SIM-only plan is a phone plan that is just the SIM – not the phone.

You get a certain amount of calls, minutes and data and it’s cheaper because you’re not paying for a handset.

By putting the SIM into a phone you already own you save money – and the planet. Or you can choose to buy a phone upfront which can be cheaper too – especially if you buy a refurbished phone.

why would I switch to a SIM-only plan?

There are lots of reasons you might choose a SIM only plan. Here are some of them:

  • You’ve paid off your handset contract and want to move to a cheaper plan 🤑
  • You’ve already got a handset you love and want to keep it
  • You like the flexibility of a 30 day SIM only plan so you can get more data when you need it
  • You’ve decided to buy refurbished phones because they’re cheaper and better for the planet
  • If you’re waiting for a new handset to come out you might switch to a SIM-only plan in the meantime
  • You can normally cancel immediately or after 30 days
  • You can switch to another network immediately
  • To try out all the incredible Honest Mobile features

why is Honest Mobile the best SIM only plan?


Our members have rolling monthly contracts – so you can upgrade, downgrade or leave your plan whenever you like.

You’re not tied into a 12 month or 24 month plan. In fact we even tell you when you might be able to save money by switching to a cheaper plan if you’re not using all your data – or when we think you might have forgotten to connect to WiFi when you’re using a lot!

cheaper each month… and better value.

SIM only plans are cheaper than phone contracts because you’re not paying off the cost of the phone.

But what makes Honest the best SIM only plan is that with our loyalty discount your bill gets cheaper every month you’re with us and we’ll tell you if you’re on a bigger plan than you need.

Plus with all our incredible in-app features like smarter notifications, discounts on ethical brands and first class customer support we’re still better bang for less buck.

buy any handset you want 🤩 or keep your current one 🌎

If you choose to buy your handset upfront by using a SIM only plan you can purchase any phone you like – not just what’s available with your current mobile network or at the shop. Maybe you’ll opt for a B Corp certified sustainable smartphone like a Fairphone or a refurbished handset like one from reboxed.

Or if you’ve already got a handset you love then you can save money and the planet by just popping in an Honest SIM and you’ll be all set.

no surprise charges

Mobile networks have spent years overcharging customers and billing them for sneaky charges! That’s why we have usage caps on all our plans and we never have in-contract price hikes – unlike the other mobile networks.

Your bill with Honest will never be a surprise.

carbon negative & B Corp SIM card

Honest Mobile are the world’s only carbon negative mobile network and the only B Corp certified mobile network in the UK.

As a carbon negative company we capture double the CO2 emissions associated with our members’ phones and across our whole business. That includes the manufacture, charging and usage of any phone on an Honest Mobile plan.

As a B Corp we’re committed to business as a force for good – considering all stakeholder not just shareholders in every decision we make – like you our members, our employees and the planet.

Order your SIM here.