5 tips for delivering excellent customer service

May 18, 2021

Building the best mobile network for you means delivering excellent customer service. At Honest Mobile we pride ourselves on our first class customer support – you can chat to us in real time in under 30 seconds. Our team can answer any questions you might have whether it’s about how to transfer your number or to find out more about our sustainability credentials. Whatever the question – we’re here to help!

We’ve pulled together a list of five things we do to deliver excellent customer service. But don’t just take our word for it – check out what our members have to say:

Example of delivering excellent customer service at Honest Mobile5 things we do at honest to deliver excellent customer service

1. we always put out members first

Delivering first class customer service means that our members come first. Every time. So if there’s a customer support query no matter what we’re doing we make sure we respond straight away. You don’t want to be hanging around on hold all day – that’s why with our in-app support there’s an average response time of under 30 seconds!

Putting our customers first is the reason we have a loyalty discount, why we send you a notification when you should downgrade and can save money, and why we make it simple for you to change your bill cap to help you avoid unexpected charges.

Honest Mobile delivering excellent customer support

2. we take our members’ ideas seriously

We’ve all seen those feedback boxes sitting in lobbies that look like they’ve never been opened – but at Honest we do things very differently.

If a customer suggests a feature we deliver it (- if we can!) and it’s often done within hours! Read more about customer suggestions we’ve already implemented here and if you have a great idea that you’d love to see is introduce, let us know.

As a Certified B Corp we’re committed to considering people – both our employees and our customers – in every decision we make, so your feedback really does matter to the Honest team.

3. teamwork makes the dream work

Effective teamwork is essential for delivering excellent customer service. That means communicating with other members of the team so there are always people available to respond to customer enquiries. It also means making sure that everyone in the team is aware of what’s going on at Honest. If you’ve changed something in the app and not told your team then how can they relay that information to your customers? Keeping your team informed makes delivering customer service easy.

4. be honest

The clue’s in the name – at Honest Mobile we think it’s important to be honest. If a mast is down in your area or we’re working on launching something soon we’ll let you know. It’s also why we send you instant notifications so you know when you’ve made a chargeable call, rather than waiting until the end of the month to send you a bill you’re not expecting.

5. no jargon

We always avoid using tech jargon where we can. Understanding a mobile network can be a bit confusing at times so we’re always trying to make instructions and explanations as simple and easy to understand as possible. Plus we really like our members so we like to have a chat with them – they know they can give us a shout if they have any questions!

why focus on delivering excellent customer service?

Building a business that puts your customer at the heart of everything you do is a sure fire way to success. At the end of the day you want your customer to have a great experience of your product or service – that’s the most important thing. Maybe you’re just starting a company or looking to develop your business’s customer service – be sure to give these customer service tips and tricks ago. Let us know how you get on or any questions you have in the comments below! Got a question? Try out our rapid response times by clicking on the customer support button.