top 10 eco friendly phone cases

Jul 1, 2021

Manufacturing a phone has a big environmental impact. The materials, production and transportation have a big carbon footprint. That’s why the most eco friendly thing you can do is keep your phone for as long as possible. So investing in a good eco friendly phone case to keep it safe is important. This Plastic Free July we want to help everyone find a case that’s eco friendly and ideally plastic free. Here’s some things to consider and some of our favourite eco friendly cases to help you shop a little smarter this month.

what makes a phone case eco friendly?

There are loads of different takes on eco friendly phone cases. We have included a selection of plastic free, compostable cases. As well as some made from natural materials like coffee and lavender, wooden cases, and cases made from recycled compact discs!

what’s a compostable or biodegradable phone case?

Compostable phone cases are made using biodegradable materials. That means the materials break down when composted without breaking down into, for example, micro plastics. One of the most popular compostable phone cases are Pela Cases, made from flax and waste flax straws.

Here are some of our top picks for places to get an eco friendly phone case for both iPhones and Androids.

1. Pela Cases

Pela have a huge selection of cases for iPhone and Android phones. They created the world’s first compostable phone case. They’re top of our list because like us they’re a member of 1% for the Planet (donating 1% of revenue to environmental organisations), a certified B Corp and a climate neutral company.

2. Reboxed

Reboxed sell refurbished smartphones – as well as phone accessories like AirPods and phone cases. As a pending B Corp they’re committed to a triple bottom line. Like us, they believe in changing how we buy tech for the better – both for customers’ pockets and for the planet. The code HONEST10 will get you 10% off all eco cases.

3. Nimble

Nimble phone cases are made from recycled compact discs. Pretty cool right? Compact discs are made from durable and recyclable plastic. The cases are 6 ft drop-tested so can withstand all the bumps and scrapes. The cases also have an outer band and raised front lip to give you extra grip to minimise dropping the phone in the first place. Like we said keeping your phone as long as possible in the best thing you can do for the environment.

Cleaning your phone and phone case is important. But cleaning with alcohol wipes only protects against germs until the active ingredient dissolves. Nimble’s permanent antimicrobial protection coating blocks bacteria continuously.

Nimble’s One-for-One Tech Recovery Project means that for every disc case purchase, you get a free shipping label to send any used plastic case to somewhere for safe, responsible recycling. When you do you get 15% off your next purchase. Nimble use minimal, plastic-free packaging printed with water-based inks.

4. Tech21

Tech21 have created a new technology that gives repeated 12ft drop protection. The cases are 100% biodegradable and they have tons of choice. A great way to try and keep your phone as long as possible.

Buy one and get one half price using the code BOGOHP


If you fancy something a bit different then check out MMORE. The creators of the world’s first sustainable organic smartphone cases you can have a case made from coffee or lavender. With the texture and scent of coffee or lavender. MMORE also sell FSC certified wooden cases. Their packaging is 100% plastic-free.

6. Eplanita

Offering a slightly cheaper option to some other eco friendly phone cases on the market Eplanita have a great range of phone cases for iPhones. Made from wheat straw that is biodegradable and recyclable TPU. Their cases come with a 12 month warranty.

7. Najture

100% plastic-free and biodegradable Natjure cases are customisable. Monogram your phone case to make your eco friendly phone case unique to you.

8. Caseable

Here are some great plant-based cases for Android and iPhone. Caseable cases are made from bamboo and corn starch and are fully biodegrable. They have an eco friendly approach across their whole business. Their employees commute to work on electric scooters and they produce their own solar power. Pretty epic right?

9. Fairphone

If you have a Fairphone check out their form-fitting protective cases made from 100% recycled material with extra comfort and durability. To help your Fairphone 3 and Fairphone 3+ last as long as possible! They come in green, black and blue.

10. Etsy

If you want to buy a phone case from a small business be sure to check out Etsy. They have a huge range of eco friendly phone cases.

Recognising the impact of our tech on the future of our planet is vital. If you haven’t checked out everything we’re doing at Honest to double offset the impact of our phones then be sure to take a look here.