top 5 phones for kids

Sep 1, 2021

If you’re a parent or guardian you might be looking at getting your child a phone before they go back to school this week or next. So we thought we’d share with you our top 5 picks of phones for kids.

We think you’ll love the Teracube. It’s cheaper than most smartphones and comes with a 4 year warranty. We’ve also explained what buying a refurbished handset means and where you can get a good quality one with a warranty.

As an ethical and sustainable mobile network our recommendations are all eco-friendly – but better for the planet also often means better for your wallet! Buying a refurbished or secondhand phone can be much cheaper than buying a new one – which means if the handset gets a bit bashed around or worse – stolen – you’re not as out of pocket as you might have been. Popping in an Honest Mobile SIM also means that if your child’s phone gets stolen you’re not stuck paying for an expensive phone contract for two years and then having to buy a new phone on top of that!

Here are our top 5 phones for kids:

1. The Teracube Ultra-Reliable Smartphone

Price: £189

The Teracube is cheaper than most smartphones – costing £189. Sustainable, repairable, and with a 4-year warranty – yes 4 years – it’s designed to be repaired over and over. The warranty includes free two-way shipping for repairs and affordable repairs for accidental damage outside of warranty.

You can even fix the phone yourself – it’s DIY repairable and designed to be dissembled and reassembled. Unlike some of the big guys who glue your phone shut! The Teracube also has a replaceable battery.

Teracube phones are built and serviced to last 4 years and beyond. This is a phone to outlast all others. So you can feel a little more relaxed about your child taking their phone on the school bus – or onto the playground!

2. iPhone XR (refurbished)

Price: £295-299

Refurbished or secondhand phones are a great choice for phones for kids. Avoid paying huge upfront costs for a device and mean you don’t end up paying for long expensive network contracts. There are two types of secondhand phone. The first is preowned or used phones. These are phones that are sold on when they’re no longer wanted on sites like eBay. The second type is refurbished phones.

There are two types of refurbished phones. The first is manufacturer-refurbished a phone recreated ‘like new’ usually including a new battery and often a new outer casing. These are the most expensive type of secondhand phone and usually come with new accessories and a full warranty. The second is retailer-refurbished. Secondhand phones that have been tested to check they work and repaired if necessary. Usually cheaper. They are often sold using grades, which describe the external condition of the phone.

If you’re looking to buy a refurbished iPhone XR for example we’d recommend checking out Reboxed and Relove Tech.

Reboxed have a 12 month guarantee, a 70 point TechCheck system and a Tech Check app. The reboxed TechScore, is a scoring system that gives clear, accurate info on the state of a device. Reboxed also sell phone cases – a great way to extend the life of your child’s phone!

Relove Tech is a social enterprise committed to investing a minimum of 50% of net profits into social initiatives to give young people alternative life choices to gangs and criminal activity. Relove Tech only sell devices that they can guarantee where it’s come from. Their preowned range is security checked and fully tested – cosmetically and functional. All backed up with a 12-month warranty and no quibble 30 day money back guarantee.

3. iPhone 11 (on lease)

Price: £23.99/mo (no upfront cost)

Raylo is a smartphone subscription service. New or refurb you pay less for the device because you don’t actually own the hardware at the end of the contract. And when you’re done, you can swap to a newer model. Then you’re free to use a SIM-only plan with the phone – which if you check out their website – works out cheaper than paying for both upfront.

You can get an iPhone 11 on lease for £23.99/mo with no upfront cost. Use this link and get a £25 Amazon voucher when you order.

4. Fairphone 3+

Price: £399.00

Fairphone is the world’s most ethical smartphone. Buying this handset upfront gives you the option to be on a cheaper rolling month contract that costs less. The Fairphone was built to last – both in its original design and by making repairs as easy as possible. Its modular design makes it really easy to repair. In fact, it’s the only smartphone in the world to be awarded a perfect iFixit score for repairability. So if your child damages the phone – don’t worry! You can send it back for repairs.

5. the Mudita Pure 

Price: £241.12

Want to give your child a way to contact you, but not keen on them having yet another distraction from their homework? Check out the Mudita Pure, the modern minimalist phone that encourages your kids to have a healthy relationship with technology.

The Mudita Pure was created with well-being and privacy in mind. It has an easy-to-use slider that lets you choose when and how you stay connected, an eye-friendly E Ink display to promote good quality sleep and batteries that can be easily swapped in and out without any specialised tools or expensive costs.

Unfortunately, these are currently only available on pre-order – but we thought we’d include them because we think this is exactly the device many parents are looking for! Pre-order now at this link.

insuring your kid’s phone

Worried that your child might lose or damage their phone and thinking about whether to insure it?

Cover your mobile, and up to four other valuable items at home, outside and abroad, with a low monthly subscription cost that can be cancelled at any time with no fees. Make a positive impact through your insurance, with 25% of Arma Karma’s cut on your subscription going to a charity of your choice.

Honest Mobile users get 15% off an insurance plan plus £15 credit – check out the code in the perks section of our app.