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Oct 14, 2021

“the process is streamlined and the app makes it so easy to see all our accounts quickly and easily.”– Snap-It


facts about Snap-It

  • Industry – On-demand plumbing parts
  • Summary of business- Job at a stand-still until parts can be sourced? Get them delivered directly to you in an instant, or schedule it for a later date. Do it all in the Snap-It app. 

We’re working with Snap-It so we caught up with their team to find out how they’d been getting on. We spoke to Harry Tyndall (CRO) and Constantin Socoloschi (Operations Manager).

Snap-It’s vision is to digitise the ordering experience for tradespeople with innovation and efficiency – becoming the go-to platform for ordering materials and spare parts.

On-demand deliveries for tradespeople, increasing their billable hours whilst enhancing their operations, and most of all – happy customers! 

Snap-It and SIMs

Our partnered merchants need reliable, good internet connection to manage orders sent by us to their tablets. When a courier arrives at the store, they provide the merchant with a unique 4 digit code to confirm the order via the tablet. The courier then collects the order and delivers it to the customer. So the tablet is pretty vital to the whole operation. With that in mind, we use Honest Mobile’s data only SIMs to power the tablets we provide to our merchants.

“our setup before Honest was a nightmare”

The setup before Honest was a nightmare! We had a bunch of different mobile providers and when we needed to register a new SIM it took forever to find the corresponding admin account. There were loads of different email addresses across different networks for each of our suppliers and it took forever.

Billing was equally tricky because we had to log in and out of multiple accounts.

“a lifesaver for our business account management”

before Honest

Before switching to Honest, our previous mobile providers took a long time to resolve issues – like activating SIMs, which meant our partners couldn’t go live. Also, the speed of securing multiple SIMs was non-existent.

Being connected is so important for us to be able to do what we do at Snap-It. It’s the only way we can make sure that as soon as orders are placed they’re being packed up and made ready for delivery. But managing multiple users felt more difficult than it needed to be before. Now the process is streamlined and the app makes it so easy to see all our accounts quickly and easily.

the process is streamlined and the app makes it so easy”

switching over to honest

Moving over to Honest was really straightforward. We have an investor in common, who suggested we check them out – one tech start up to another. When we had the call and discussed the setup process it all sounded great, but based on previous experiences we really didn’t expect it to be so smooth.

We got the SIMs the next day, downloaded the app and went through the prompts to set them up. We were even able to name each SIM to make it easy to recognise. It couldn’t have been an easier process.

The mobile app and desktop portal has also made managing all our SIMs so much easier.

We can see all our SIMs and how much data each merchant has used so easily now. I even get notifications if a merchant is nearing their data limit and can make quick decisions to change plans up, or down. We’ve now configured them to do this automatically too which is even better.

This is all without having to wait on hold for hours to speak with an account manager or customer support.

I want to focus on growing Snap It, and not get bogged down with managing service providers. No other network provider makes it this easy. Plus as we’re growing and starting to provide our team with phones we can easily add more mobile SIMs for new starters.


Environmental impact and sustainability is a key part of what we do at Snap-It.

When tradespeople use Snap-It they lower their fuel costs because they don’t need to travel around London to source parts. Which in turn reduces traffic congestion allowing London to move closer to its goal of carbon neutrality.

one of our first big steps towards a more sustainable supply chain”

We’re looking at afforestation initiatives as a next step. We’re really happy to be working with Honest as one of our first big steps towards a more sustainable supply chain.

Jag Atwal – Head of Sales
+44 (0) 20 4525 5578

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