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Nov 1, 2021

facts about 3keel

  • Industry –management consulting
  • Summary of business- sustainability consultancy committed to making food systems, supply chains and landscapes fit for the future. Research consultancy specialising in sustainable business practices, impact and opportunity analysis and natural resource management.
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We’re working with fellow B Corp 3keel so we caught up with their team to find out how they’d been getting on. We spoke to William Schreiber (Partner).

about 3keel

3Keel is a purpose driven team of advisors working to make a better future for people and the environment. We do this through ideas, evidence and bringing people together whilst operating in six core practice areas: climate change, sustainable commodities, resilient agriculture, circular economy, landscape innovation, and bespoke analysis.

We are a certified B-Corp and have been consistently rated by our clients and peers in the Financial Times as being one of the top management consultancies for sustainability for the past three years.

As a responsible business that walks the talk we are always seeking to find suppliers and services that are aligned with our values and ambitions for a more sustainable world. We do this across everything we source, from mobiles to pensions.

before honest

Whilst we weren’t experiencing any particular issues with our old network provider, it was always difficult actually speaking with them when we had a challenge – from simply unblocking a number to questioning any charge on a bill.

“there is always someone on hand to respond to questions”

certified b corp

We found out about Honest Mobile when doing a regular review of B-Corps that we could introduce into our supply chain – and everything with Honest Mobile has ticked most of the boxes we’re looking for when it comes to businesses acting as a force for good.

“we can manage pretty much everything through the app”

switching to honest

It was a pretty painless process to switch… the most difficult part being getting out PAC code from our existing network which involved a couple phone calls and chasing e-mails when they didn’t do it.

I love that we can manage pretty much everything through the app and that there is always someone on hand to respond to questions we may have pretty much instantly through the chat box.

Our team has responded really positively in having one more visible element that we are being considered in our approach to procurement.

The ‘perks’ have also gone down really well as Honest Mobile is doing some of our own work for us in seeking out other good companies that provide products that are genuinely useful that our team would be buying any way – like deodorant or a phone case.

“one more supplier that builds our portfolio of responsible businesses”

Like any business, our biggest environmental impact is derived from the products and services we buy. Honest Mobile is one more supplier that builds our portfolio of responsible businesses playing their part in our much needed transition to a lower impact world.

Jag Atwal – Head of Sales
+44 (0) 20 4525 5578

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