Will seaweed save us from the climate crisis?

Nov 29, 2022

Reducing and removing CO2 emissions is key to stopping global temperatures rising more than 1.5 degrees and to fighting the climate crisis.

But not all carbon offsetting is created equal. Studies have shown that quick and cheap methods don’t really work*

At Honest we’ve built our carbon removal portfolio on 3 key principles:

  1. Variety
  2. Long-term storage
  3. High-quality removal that scrubs carbon from the atmosphere

That’s why we’re excited to share that we’ve added Ocean Blue Carbon to our carbon removal methods.

What is Ocean Blue Carbon?

Ocean Blue Carbon uses seaweed to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and safely stores it for hundreds of years 🌱🌊

How does Ocean Blue Carbon work?

Floating buoys made out of limestone and forest waste are seeded with kelp, a type of seaweed.

As these buoys float on the surface of the sea, the seaweed begins to grow, capturing CO2 through photosynthesis (throwback to Biology lessons anyone? 📚)

Ocean currents move the carbon buoys in the open ocean and after about three months, the weight of the seaweed then causes it to sink to the bottom of the ocean.

The carbon rich seaweed is stored on the seabed, thousands of metres down where it remains under immense pressure from gravity, storing it for hundreds of years.

Where is this happening?

We’re working with Running Tide who have Ocean Blue Carbon projects in the North Atlantic.

Not all carbon offsets are created equal

The term ‘carbon offsetting’ can be a bit confusing. Whilst reducing our emissions is the most important step, offsetting is a critical piece of the puzzle in fighting the climate crisis. But, it has to be done right.

There are three types of carbon offsetting:

1. Avoided emissions:

Here you fund projects that replace carbon emitting activities, like paying to replace kerosene cook-stoves with solar stoves.

2. Emission reductions offsets:

Where your support a project the helps reduce emissions being released, such as carbon capture and storage during industrial processes.

3. Carbon Removals or Greenhouse Gas Removals (GGR):

These are the highest quality type of offset. They physically remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

At Honest we only invest in the higher quality carbon removals to remove the CO2 created by the manufacture and daily use of your smartphone.

Ocean Blue carbon is an early stage Greenhouse Gas Removal method that we’re proud to be supporting alongside Biochar, Forestry and Direct Air Capture projects.

There’s a limited supply of lots of these higher quality carbon removal projects. But when companies decide to invest in them whilst they’re early in their development it encourages more projects at a lower cost.

We love chatting about our carbon removal work, and hearing your thoughts. Send us a message or order your carbon negative SIM here: