4 easy ways to avoid waste this year

Jan 31, 2023

At Honest we’re all about the small switches we can make to have a positive impact on the planet 🔀 

We don’t know about you but we seem to have accumulated a lot of old phones, clothes and books over the years that we’ve been looking to sort out this January.

Got an old phone?

5.3 billion old mobile phones will be thrown away in 2023.

Yes you read that right! 5.3 billion.

If, like us, you have old phones in your drawers at home then there are three easy things you can do today to stop them ending up to landfill.

1. Gift it 🎁

Number one, gift your old tech to a friend or family member. It will stop them buying a new handset, saving them money, and helping to save our planet. Every time a new phone is made and shipped around the world it requires a lot of natural resources, water and creates CO2 emissions. So passing old phones on to kids or friends is a great way to stop that from happening.

2. Donate it ♻️

Charities like Oxfam make it easy to sell your old phone and donate the money to them. You can also recycle your phone at any Oxfam store. Read more here.

3. Sell it 💸

Sell your old tech on ebay, Depop or Secnd. Secnd is a new app that let’s you sell tech easily. Like Depop but for old phones and laptops instead of clothes.

How much of your wardrobe do you actually wear?

You know those clothes you have at the back of your wardrobe. The ‘maybe one day I’ll wear them’ ones or the items you forgot you even had!

According to a survey by WW UK shoppers own £10bn worth of clothes they do not wear. That’s around £200 per person (The Guardian).

January is a good time time for a clear out. And there are loads of great places where you can easily sell or donate your clothes, and give them a new lease of life.

Vinted, Depop and eBay are three great places to head if you’re looking to sell your clothes. If you’d prefer to give them away you can donate them to your local charity shop.

Why do supermarket veggies always look so perfect?

Do you ever worry about what happens to the veg that doesn’t look ‘perfect’? Labelled “too big”, “too wonky” or there’s just “too much”.

Around 40% of all food grown goes to waste.

Left behind on the farm or thrown away at home. To help stop this veg going to waste check out Oddbox. You pick your box size and how often you’d like a delivery of fresh fruit and veg delivered straight to your door.

Love an audiobook?

If you love listening to audiobooks, or hate thinking about the impact on the planet of shipping books all over the world we recommend checking out Xigxag.

Xigxag is the ethical answer to Amazon’s audible.

Instead of paying for a monthly subscription where you get one book per month, you can pay per book. And the more books you buy the less you pay! An awesome way to encourage people to listen and read more books.

Their X-reader let’s you pay once for the audio and e-book so you can switch between listening and reading when you’re on the go, or read along and do both at the same time.

They’re Ethical Consumer’s best buy and a B Corp. Find the code in the Honest app to get your first book for £3.99.