our story

hi, we’re Andy and Josh, and we’re the founders of honest mobile

The mobile phone industry is broken.

It’s spent the last couple of decades tying you into complicated contracts, overcharging you for being a loyal customer and keeping you on hold.

The crumbling high street banks have been swept aside by Monzo and Revolut. The big six energy companies have been shown the light by Octopus. Yet mobile networks are still stuck in their old ways (and overcharge customers by a whopping £182m a year while they’re at it).

Enough’s enough. There has to be a better way. It’s 2022 and it’s time for change.

That’s why we launched Honest Mobile.

a network for people and planet

good for you

We make managing your mobile plan a breeze with more control and smarter notifications. If you ever need to talk to a human our help team delight, not disappoint.

good for the planet

We’re on a mission to build the world’s most sustainable network. As a Certified B Corp we’re legally required to consider the environment in all our decisions and we’re always looking for more ways to improve.  

fed up of sneaky charges?

We send you real-time notifications so you actually know when you make a chargeable call and we’ll even help you find a free version of that number too.

need help keeping track of your data?

No worries, we’ll let you know if you can save money by changing to a cheaper plan or if your Netflix binge is out of control.

bored of being kept on hold?

You can manage everything from the app. Need an extra hand? Our team of real humans are here to help.

got a great idea?

We’re quick, we’re lean and we’re nimble. A customer asked if we could notify them if they used more data than normal in a day in case they had forgotten to turn their WiFi on. The next day, the notifications were rolled out to all our customers. Learn more about some of our other customers’ best ideas here.

trying to reduce your carbon footprint?

Enjoy carbon negative calls, messages and data and we even plant trees for you too! Learn more

want to build a better tomorrow?

We believe business should be a force for good. Our company constitution means that all our decisions have to consider people, profit and planet equally. No ifs. No buts. This makes us part of a growing community of B Corps in the UK like Patagonia, The Body Shop and Toast. 

Honest Mobile Smart Notifications