Frequently Asked Questions

What are you wondering?

We get a lot of questions about Honest Mobile so we wanted to answer all your most common questions in one place. We’ll be updating this page over the coming weeks as more questions come in.

Network Technology

What network do you piggy back on?
We lease frequency from 3 of the big 4 Mobile Network Operators. Our primary network partner is Three, and customers opting to use the Smart Signal bolt on also have access to EE and O2 masts. Three has won numerous awards including Best Network for Data (Tech Radar 2018), the UK’s most reliable network (YouGov 2016) and is rated No. 1 for the Internet (YouGov 2017).

Do you support 4G?
Yes, we support 4G Data at Honest Mobile, we also have 4G data when using Smart Signal.

Do you support 2G?
No. If you have a 2G only phone, I’m afraid Honest Mobile won’t work with your handset.

Do you sell signal boosters? There’s a complete Blackspot somewhere I need access?
We can provide Signal Boosters for specific locations if you need them. Please get in touch to find out more.

Do you support WiFi calling?
Yes we do. At the moment you can activate it through an app which you can download when you sign up. In the future, we’ll be moving to native WiFi calling on Apple devices. WiFi calls are all made at UK rates so this means calls from abroad will normally be included in your monthly allowance 🥳

Do you support Apple Watch?
We support all the regular functions of an Apple Watch and enjoy using them every day ourselves. We don’t support the 4G functionality of the Cellular Apple Watch at the moment. When Apple open up their supply chain we’ll be delighted to. For the moment though you’ll need to keep your iPhone handy.

What connection speeds do you offer?
We support 4G on the UK’s best network for data. In real-world testing, this means your speeds will be up to 50Mbps under normal conditions. Sometimes they’ll be faster, sometimes they’ll be slower. This is plenty fast enough for streaming 4K content. We take advantage of every speed jump available and when 5G is launched more broadly we’ll be offering 5G connectivity too.

Can you tether?
Tethering is supported on all our subscription plans and is included for no extra cost.

Do you offer eSIMs?
We don’t offer eSIMs at the moment but it’s something we hope to offer soon.

Membership and Pricing

Is EU Roaming Included?
Yes it is. This is the law at the moment, and we’ll be continuing to offer inclusive EU roaming after Brexit (Deal or No Deal).

How long is your minimum contract?
Our contracts are all on a rolling 30 day period. We offer a Loyalty Discount to all our members so your bill gets cheaper each month until you hit the maximum discount of 30%. We don’t think it makes sense that you’re rewarded for changing network all the time and we want you to stay!

Can we get on WiFi on the Tube?
We don’t offer WiFi access on the London Underground network 😔Take a minute to read a book or listen to a good podcast! The good news (for some) is that over the next couple of years the Tube is getting upgraded to support mobile connectivity so you’ll be able to access that when it’s launched.

Do I need a credit check?
No credit check is required to join Honest Mobile. We’ll charge you a month up front when you join and then for subsequent months you’ll pay by Direct Debit once the month has finished.

Do you offer Bill Capping?
Yes we do. This is legally mandated, and you can easily adjust your bill cap any time in the Honest Mobile App.

Does Data Rollover?
Data doesn’t roll over from month to month. You can change tariff whenever you need to and with our Loyalty discount your subscription gets cheaper each month.

Do you have offers like Netflix?
We don’t include Netflix or Amazon Prime, but we do offer a Loyalty Discount so your bill gets cheaper each month.

Is tethering restricted?
Nope, using your data via tethering is unrestricted.

Do you offer an unlimited data plan?
Not at the moment. We haven’t found anyone who actually uses over 100GB yet! If you really think this is what you need, send us a message and we’ll see what we can do for you.


When are you launching? 🚀
The Honest Mobile Network is live. You can become an Early Bird Member now!

Do you offer devices?
At the moment we’re a SIM only network but we will be offering devices in the future. To support sustainability, we’re looking into offering refurbished handsets with a 12m warranty as well as new handsets.

Smart Signal

Is Smart Signal for me?
If you find yourself losing signal throughout the day, or have good signal on one network at home but no signal at work then Smart Signal would be great for you! It’s also brilliant for people who live in areas where signal is weak across all networks as you’ll have a better chance of being able to connect.

How much does Smart Signal cost?
Smart Signal is a £10 per month bolt-on. You can turn it on and off as often as you wish. There’s a minimum period of one month.

How quickly does it switch?
When you switch network, you’ll lose connection briefly, so if you’re on a phone call you’ll be disconnected. Unfortunately, there’s nothing anyone can do about this at the moment. If you’re streaming Netflix or Spotify you’d never notice as the buffer will easily cover this short changeover period.

Does Smart Signal increase my download speeds?
No, but it does increase your chance of being on a network with good signal, so it increases your chance of accessing better download speeds.

Does Smart Signal guarantee that I’ll have signal all the time?
No. If you’re in a place where there’s no signal at all, sadly there’s nothing we can do in those situations. We’re talking to some really amazing companies that let your current mobile phone talk directly to satellites in Space, but we’re a little way away from guaranteeing 100% nationwide coverage yet. Watch this space.

Does Smart Signal automatically choose the network with the best signal?
No, with Smart Signal you’ll automatically switch to EE or O2 if you lose signal on Honest Mobile. On some phones you can also manually select which network you want to be on.

Are calls, messages and data more expensive if I have switched network?
No, exactly the same rates apply as on your current subscription.

Will it fix capacity problems on 3G/4G?

No. Smart Signal won’t fix capacity problems with the 3G/4G networks in the UK. If you’ve ever been in a busy train station or stadium you’ll know what we’re talking about. Your phone says you have great signal, but you can’t connect. This is because there are simply too many people trying to use network infrastructure in a very small space. When 5G is launched nationwide, this problem will almost disappear thanks to the way 5G technology works.

Can I manually select which network I want to be on?

Yes, on some phones you can manually select which network your phone connects to, however this is not how Smart Signal has been designed to work. We recommend that you leave your phone to automatically switch you between networks when required.

Are data speeds restricted when I switch to EE or O2?

EE and O2 reserve the right to limit data speeds in order to maintain their overall network performance so it’s possible that you may experience limited data speeds.

Is Smart Signal compatible with my device?

Smart Signal works with all Android and iPhone devices that we have tested. On Android phones with Dual SIM, Android will switch to the second SIM before your Honest SIM has a chance to switch network, so for consistent performance you shouln’t use the Honest SIM in a Dual SIM Android device alongside another SIM.

Who should use Smart Signal?

Smart Signal is particularly great for: 

  1. People who live or work in areas with poor signal.
  2. People who depend on good signal for work.
  3. People who spend a lot of time travelling around the UK.

Business for Good

What does being a B Corp mean?
We think business should be a force for good, not corporate greed. That’s why we’re excited to be the first UK mobile network to become a pending B-Corp. This is a mark of approval from an independent body that shows that we’re doing what we say we do.

To be a B-Corp you have to legally change the objectives of your company to consider the environment, suppliers and customers’ interests. This is great for you as it means we’re legally obliged to consider you as part of our decision-making process, not just profit. To find out more about B-Corps take a look at a couple of recent articles in the press.

Why do you donate to charity?
Just like being a B-Corp, we think helping the World around us is key and something that businesses don’t do enough of. We’ve committed to donate 1% of all our revenue straight to charities supporting the environment through 1% for the Planet. We’re choosing which charities to donate to soon and will be asking our Members what they care about most. Join now to have your say.

How do you make sure the money donated goes directly to good causes?
We only donate to registered charities in the UK. These are subject to review by the Charities Commission. As well as this, all charities that accept donations through 1% for the Planet are subject to additional reviews. Finally, as we are partnering with UK based charities, we’ll be visiting them on the ground to help them and see what a difference they make. We might be planting trees, supplying them with phones or even combing the ocean for plastic.

General Queries

Where can I check coverage?
The OFCOM Signal Checker is the best place to see what Signal is like where you live/work/play. Our Primary Network Partner is Three, so you’ll want to start by checking Signal with them. Smart Signal users can also access the EE and O2 infrastructure around the UK.

I’m tied into a contract, can I join Honest Mobile?
You’re welcome to join anytime, but you might need to pay an early termination fee with your current provider. If you text INFO to 85075 (it’s free) your current provider will text you with any fees that might be associated with switching to Honest Mobile.

Can I keep my Mobile Phone Number?
Absolutely! Changing phone number would cause havoc, so we don’t want you doing that. Once you’ve placed your order you’ll be guided through the transfer process in the app. Usually you can switch your number the next working day.

Unfortunately we’re unable to accept numbers which originally belonged to Virgin Mobile, and if you want to transfer a number that started with another network but is now with Virgin Mobile you’ll need to go via another Network as Virgin haven’t completed some work required to support transfers to Honest. We’re all ready when they are…

I’ve got an idea for the network, how do I tell you about it?
AMAZING! Your best bet is to send us an email on contact@honestmobile.co.uk and then we’ll see what we can do. We’re always grateful for ideas and feedback so do get in touch. We’ll be launching a members’ forum soon to get feedback and get your ideas about which new product ideas to prioritise.

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