save more each month with your loyalty discount

We think that loyalty should be rewarded. That’s why we introduced a loyalty discount so your bill drops every month until you reach a max discount of 30%.

Honest Mobile Loyalty Discount app screen
Honest Mobile Carbon Capture Investment chart showing investment in afforestation, biochar, and direct air capture

reduce your carbon footprint and turn your phone carbon negative

CO2 generated from your streaming, texts, calls, charging and phone manufacture is double offset, and you can track how much CO2 you’ve offset in your app.

We offset primarily by planting trees – working with On a Mission to plant trees all over the world, including Madagascar, Brazil and Colombia. Trees are a great way to capture carbon because they’re not as expensive as some other methods. They also provide lots of social benefits like employment, encourage biodiversity and help prevent soil erosion.

Trees are great. But there’s only so much land to plant them and they only capture carbon for a limited amount of time – so we need to look at other more permanent ways to capture carbon. That’s why we work with Klimate to capture carbon using BioChar and Direct Air Capture (DAC) technologies.

use less data and save with smart notifications

  Downgrade and save

  WiFi off warnings

  Data usage updates

Honest Mobile smarter push notifications that help you use less data and save money
Honest Mobile App to manage multiple SIMs

control your SIMs and your kids

  Set bill caps for the whole family to avoid surprise charges

  Data controls and age restricted content

  View only app for your child

  Easily switch SIMs on and off

all honest plans

🤑 watch your bill drop

Your loyalty discount increases each month up to a max of 30%

🍃 carbon negative

Turn your phone carbon negative and start removing CO2

🌍 free EU roaming

use your standard plan in EU countries

🧘 flexible plans

Change plan anytime on both our 30 day and 12 months plans

📶 99.8% coverage

Three’s 4G network covers 99.8% of the UK outdoor population

💻 unrestricted hotspot

Enjoy unlimited tethering to any device

🙋 support in 30 seconds

Chat to a real human whenever you need a hand

🚀 5G launching soon

5G will be launching at the end of summer 2021

📞 easy number transfer

Choose the date that you want your number to switch when your SIM arrives

join us today

Join us on the journey and switch to a network built for people and planet