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How can we help?

Our most frequently asked questions

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  • Open up your Honest Mobile App
  • Tap on the Intercom Icon on the bottom right bar
  • Start a new message, we will reply as soon as possible


How can we help? 

Joining Honest Mobile

Great to see you’re thinking about joining! 🥳 

To join Honest Mobile, first, you need to order your SIM on the website. A SIM costs £5 which is credited back to your account when you activate your SIM.

When your SIM arrives, download the app, confirm which plan you want and set up monthly payments.

You can then use the App to transfer transfer your number (if you want to). 

If you have any questions then drop us a message in the app and we’ll help you out 👍

To transfer your number you’ll need a “PAC” code from your current network. To get one, text “PAC” to 65075. You should have the code within 60 seconds and it will be three letters followed by six numbers – ABC123456.

Enter your PAC code into the Honest Mobile app and choose the day you would like your number to transfer. It has to be a working weekday, and can normally happen the next day as long as you provide your transfer details before 5:30pm.

On the day of your transfer we’ll send you a reminder it’s happening. At some point during the day, your old SIM will stop working and your new Honest Mobile SIM will start working with your new number. 

It can sometimes take a couple of hours to switch so please choose a day where using your mobile phone is not critical.

Transferring your number from your old SIM to your new Honest SIM normally takes a few minutes but it can sometimes take a couple of hours to switch, so please choose a day when using your mobile phone is not critical.

Yes of course, but, there is normally an early termination fee so please make sure you check this first.

Text “INFO” to 85075 (for free) to find out how long you have left on your contract and whether you have an early termination fee. 

If you want to check the signal in your area just use this link https://checker.ofcom.org.uk/mobile-coverage. Our signal is powered by Three.

No, we do not carry out a credit check.


You can log in to your account using our Honest Mobile App or on our website: https://my.honestmobile.co.uk 

Remember to use the same email that you used when you purchased your SIM.

Don’t worry, there are a few steps to get it back up and running:

  1. Check your settings on your phone to make sure data is turned on.
  2. If your data is on, please try restarting your phone.
  3. If that hasn’t worked, please check your APN settings.
  4. If that still hasn’t worked, please log into the app and send us a message on instant chat and  we’ll help you get up and running again.

Follow the steps here to activate personal hotspot / tethering for Android and iOS.

You can access our APN setting for Android and for iOS.

To access your voicemail dial 121 from your phone.

To activate Voicemail, call 1211. To deactivate Voicemail, call 1210.

If you are having issues with calls not going through to voicemail as expected, please dial ##002# to reset your call diverts and then 1211 to reactivate voicemail.

Integrated WiFi calling is coming soon and will be available when we launch 5G in Summer 2021.

Yes, you can. You will have to make a £1 credit card payment to prove your age, this will be credited to your next bill. 

We can’t block phishing messages but you can report them to the National Cyber Security Centre by forwarding any suspicious messages to 7726.


Smart Signal – Relaunching soon

Smart Signal is currently unavailable while we prepare to launch 5G but will be relaunching later this year.

There are 4 mobile networks in the UK that have their own masts: Three, EE, O2 and Vodafone. Other mobile networks partner with the four major networks to access their masts: Sky and GiffGaff use O2, Virgin and Asda use EE, and VOXI uses Vodafone.

Smart Signal gives you access to multiple networks. Honest Mobile’s primary network is Three, and if you lose signal, you’ll automatically switch over to EE or O2.

Smart Signal is £10 per month bolt-on. You can turn it on and off as often as you wish. There’s a minimum period of one month.

Once you’ve toggled Smart Signal it will take up to 4 hours to activate.

Smart Signal can be activated at any time. The Smart Signal bolt-on lasts 30 days and auto-renews each month until you de-activate it.

Smart Signal will always default to choosing the Honest network. If there’s no signal available with Honest, it will search for an O2 or EE connection.

Smart Signal is designed to switch between networks automatically.

On an iPhone you can manually choose Honest, O2 or EE. We recommend you leave your phone on automatic network selection at all times for best performance.

On Android this is not possible.

Smart Signal works with all Android and iPhone devices that we have tested. On Android phones with Dual SIM, Android will switch to the second SIM before your Honest SIM has a chance to switch network, so for consistent performance, you should not use the Honest SIM with Smart Signal is a Dual SIM Android device with a second SIM.

The price does not change, your monthly payment will remain and it will not be more expensive to use your allowance while accessing EE or O2. 

Plans and Pricing

We have 3 different of plans:

  • 4GB – £15 /month
  • 10GB – £20 /month
  • 40GB – £25 /month

All our plans have the following features:

  • 30 day rolling plan
  • Unlimited calls to standard UK numbers
  • Unlimited texts to standard UK numbers
  • Personal hotspot with no usage restrictions or speed limitations
  • Free EU roaming
  • Bill cap to prevent overspend

You can change your plan anytime you like using our Honest Mobile App. On the homepage tap the second row which is your monthly cost and select the tariff you’d like to upgrade or downgrade to. 

Of course, you can! You can go on to our Honest Mobile App and on the bottom left tap add a SIM. You can add as many SIMs as you like and pick the tariff once it has arrived. 

You can use as much data outside your plan as you want! But, you will have to pay for each MB you use. Caps are set so you do not access a certain amount. 

Yes, you can! Just have to let us know and we will enable the data sharing. 

Once you’ve finished your data allowance, you’ll be charged for using the data outside the allowance provided. The cap stops you from spending too much money on data. For example, if your cap is £5, you will only use £5 worth of data outside your allowance.

The minimum contract with us is 30 days, you can leave anytime you like. But, you will be given a 30 day notice period with a final billing.

No personal hotspot (tethering) is not restricted you can hotspot to anything you like!

Unfortunately, we do not offer an unlimited plan yet but, we are looking into this for the near future. 

All our plans include unlimited EU roaming. 

Non-geographic/service numbers (starting 08, 118 or 09).

Calls to numbers starting 0800 and 0808 are free for anyone to call.

The charge for calls to service numbers starting 0843/4, 0871/2, 09X  are split into two elements

We charge 21p per minute plus; 

A service charge (set by the company you’re calling – they’ll tell you this).

No, we do not offer devices, we just offer monthly SIM contracts. But we will be looking into selling phones later during the year.  

Loyalty Discount

We’re really proud of our loyalty discount – it means for every month you’re with Honest your plan goes down 💪

Our loyalty discount increases by 5% every year – capped at 30%.

Early Bird members will get a 10% discount which goes up every month but, it is capped at 30%. 

Founding members will get a 20% discount which goes up every month but, it is capped at 30%. 

Yes of course! You can upgrade, downgrade and you will still have your discount. 

The loyalty discount cannot be applied to our bolt-ons, it is only applied to our monthly plans.

The loyalty discount cannot be applied to our bolt-ons nor the usage outside your plan, it is only applied to our monthly plans.

Your Bills

We will charge you on or around the 14th of every month. 

You will receive your bill on the 5th of the month.

If you think your bill is wrong, please contact us by email (contact@honestmobile.co.uk) or send us a message on intercom.

Unfortunately, you cannot change the date. All our members are paying on the same date and it would not be fair to change the date for one customer.

You can view your bill on the App under the account section (bottom left) and we also send your billing information to your email address. 

Yes, of course you can! You can change your direct debit details in our App under the account section (bottom left).

Going Abroad

If you’re travelling within the EU, you can roam freely and use your normal data allowance.

When travelling outside the EU, you have the option of switching on Smart Travel. Smart Travel gives you  a limited amount of data, calls and messages, for a fixed daily price. 

If you choose not to use Smart Travel, you’ll be charged at our standard international rates.

Use Smart Travel to get a specific amount of minutes, messages and data for a fixed price each day.

You will only be charged if you make a call or send a message on that specific day.

Pricing varies for different countries. You can find our pricing here.

We don’t just have free EU roaming, we have free EU roaming forever! Each package we offer includes EU roaming! Please check the country we have EU roaming for here 

We have a lot of partners. If we listed them here it would turn into an essay! But you can check our partners on the price pages right here.

Network technology

 We lease frequency from 3 of the big 4 Mobile Network Operators. Our primary network partner is Three, and customers opting to use the Smart Signal bolt-on also have access to EE and O2 masts. Three has won numerous awards including Best Network for Data (TechRadar 2018), the UK’s most reliable network (YouGov 2016) and is rated No. 1 for the Internet (YouGov 2017).

We will be launching 5G in summer 2021 🚀

Yes, we support 4G Data at Honest Mobile, we also have 4G data when using Smart Signal. We don’t currently support VoLTE or the 800MHz spectrum used by Three. These will be coming in early 2021.

No. If you have a 2G only phone, I’m afraid Honest Mobile won’t work with your handset.

Yes, we do. At the moment you can activate it through an app which you can download when you sign up. In the future, we’ll be moving to native WiFi calling on Apple devices. WiFi calls are all made at UK rates so this means calls from abroad will normally be included in your monthly allowance 🥳

We support 4G on the UK’s best network for data. In real-world testing, this means your speeds will be up to 50Mbps under normal conditions. Sometimes they’ll be faster, sometimes they’ll be slower. This is plenty fast enough for streaming 4K content. We take advantage of every speed jump available and when 5G is launched more broadly we’ll be offering 5G connectivity too.

Tethering is supported on all our subscription plans and is included for no extra cost.

We don’t offer eSIMs at the moment but it’s something we hope to offer soon.

We don’t support the 4G Apple Watch at the moment. When Apple opens up its supply chain we’ll be delighted to. For the moment though it’s not an option I’m afraid.

We can provide Signal Boosters for specific locations if you need them. Please get in touch to find out more.


Carbon Negative means that we take out twice as much carbon from the air as we create. We do this for every call you make, text you send and selfie that you take as well as the emissions from the manufacture of your phone and everything we do here at Honest HQ.

We’ve partnered with On A Mission, a non-profit that plants trees 🌳  to absorb carbon from the air.

We have always aimed to build sustainability into our business 💪  Since the beginning we have offset all calls, texts and data made using Honest’s network. Then in August 2020 we went fully Carbon Neutral as a business – we have always taken responsibility for our carbon footprint and planted trees to offset it 👣

We completely agree! That’s why on top of being the world’s only Carbon Negative mobile network we donate 1% of our revenue to plant trees for all our customers with 1% for the Planet. Customers can track how many trees they’ve planted in the Honest Mobile app 🌳

We’re always looking for ways to reduce our emissions- sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media to keep up to date with our sustainability journey 🍃

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it 👏 Customers can pay an extra £1 to plant two extra trees each month. When they do they are entered into a raffle to win a free month of Honest Mobile 🥳

B Corp Certification

A B Corp is a new kind of business – one that balances purpose and profit. To be a Certified B Corporation you have to legally change the objectives of your company to consider the environment, suppliers, employees and customers 🏆

We think business should be a force for good. For us, being a B Corp simply means doing the right thing for people and the planet in every decision we make. It means that we have a ‘triple bottom line’ – our goal is not only to make a profit but also look after people 🧕 and the planet 🌎

We’re excited to be the first UK mobile network to be a Certified B Corporation 🎉

Being a Certified B Corporation is great for you as it means we’re legally obliged to consider you as part of our decision-making process. The B Corp Certification is a mark of approval from an independent body that shows that we’re doing what we say we do and we’re committed to continually improving 🏅

We’ve committed to donating 1% of all our revenue to environmental charities through 1% for the Planet. This is on top of the work we do with On a Mission to plant trees to offset our and our customers’ carbon footprint 👣

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