honest mobile plan


• A flexible, 30 day rolling contract

• Unlimited minutes (from UK & EU to standard UK numbers)

• Unlimited messages (from UK & EU to standard UK numbers)

• Free EU Roaming (up to 10GB on this plan)

• High speed tethering (Personal Hotspot) with no usage restrictions or speed limits (10GB of use on this plan)

• A Bill Cap to prevent overspend – you can change this any time

• Our unique Loyalty Discount – as a thank you for being an Honest Mobile member we increase your Loyalty Discount each month

See our pricing page for charges outside your included usage.

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How to sign up:

Step 1: Choose your data allowance and add it to your basket.

Step 2: Get your SIM the next working day in the post

Step 3: Use the Honest Mobile App to set up your account and trasnfer your existing number (if you want to)


can I switch to honest and keep my number?


To move your number to Honest Mobile you’ll need to get a PAC from your current network. You can get this by texting ‘PAC’ to 65075 (it’s free!) – then once your SIM arrives, we’ll just ask for your PAC, your phone number and you can choose a date for the switch to happen. You can do it all in the app!

when are you launching 5G?

We’ll be launching 5G and WiFi calling very soon. Our 5G test SIMs are up and running and we’ll let you know as soon as we have an official launch date 🚀

We chose to piggyback on Three because of their incredible 5G offering – more usable 5G than any other UK network and it’s 100MHz! Bring on super-speedy streaming and near-instant downloads!

i'm tied into a contract, can I still join?

You can, but, there is normally an early termination fee so please make sure you check this first.

Text “INFO” to 85075 (for free) to find out how long you have left on your contract and whether you have an early termination fee. 

what is the carbon footprint of my phone?

The carbon footprint of an average year’s smartphone usage is 69kg (this includes production and transport). That’s based on an iPhone 11 128GB used for 3 hours and 15 minutes a day over two years.

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which network do you piggyback on?

We piggyback on Three's masts.

how can I check signal in my area?

You can check the signal in your area using Ofcom’s signal checker: https://checker.ofcom.org.uk/mobile-coverage

what does carbon negative mean?

Carbon negative means we go beyond being carbon neutral. We offset double the CO2 created by the manufacture, use and daily charging of your phone.

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how is my phone's carbon footprint offset?

We offset the CO2 of your phone’s carbon footprint by planting trees and using new technologies like Biochar and Direct Air Capture.

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